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Golf's most astonishing round - the story of Ernie Foord, Somerset's unsung golfing genius
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Anthony Gibson - Langport, Somerset

About Anthony Gibson

Anthony Gibson has lived and worked in the West Country all his life. He is best known for the pivotal role that he played as South West Regional Director for the NFU in the two great farming crises of the past 40 years, BSE and the 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic.
But he is also a long-term campaigner for real ale, traditional cider, and West Country food and drink, has been heavily involved in resolving conflicts between farming and conservation interests in some of the South-West's most precious landscapes and has been covering cricket for the BBC for over 50 years.

Bringing a new dimension to our enjoyment of some of the finestcountryside in England.


Two handsomely produced books, lucidly written and lavishly illustrated, with extracts from the writers and recommended walks, which explore the links between some of England's finest writers and most beautiful countryside.

The Coloured Counties - Anthony Gibson

Westcountryman – A Life in Farming, Countryside, Cricket and Cider


The Coloured Counties - Anthony Gibson

God Speed The Plough


The Coloured Counties - Anthony Gibson

The Coloured Counties


"As a meld of biography, philosophical tract, fireside travel guide, and walking companion, the book is a gem of insight and discernment".
Peter Benson

With Magic in my Eyes - Anthony Gibson

With Magic in my Eyes


"A wonderful book, A book of exploration. Here we can walk the landscapes of the West Country in the writers' footsteps. We don't just get to know these inspiring landscapes anew; we get to feel them as the writer did".
Michael Morpurgo



Clive Aslet

A rare book and a glorious one.

Country Life Magazine

Martin Hesp

The enriching thing about The Coloured Counties is that it does precisely what it says on the label: Anthony’s book fills in the literary hues, shadows and highlights of a countryside that inspired a great many minds and countless wonderful words.

Western Morning News

Mark Rowe

Rosey is relevant still, a shop front for the county game as something valid, and proud, that the men of Lord’s seem at best to take for granted. Anyone with an interest in the game in living memory can enjoy and learn from this book. A word of praise for Anthony Gibson: his art and achievement is to make it look as if he did nothing at all.

The Cricket Statistician

A John Moore Society member in Yorkshire

Not only is the book extremely well written, and puts John Moore very firmly into the reader's imagination, the dustwrapper, boards and quality of paper fall into the Rolls Royce of books. Truly superb.